Rayya, Indian Hill

“We’re from New York and are intimately familiar with rodents OUTSIDE our homes. Moving to the middle of the woods initiated us to all sorts of wild intruders. It was only after Rich had been around and done his pest control magic that things were just right in our...

John L., Kenwood

“I have used this service over the past several years. Very prompt, courteous, and professional. This has completely taken care of any issues with ants and other bugs. Thanks for a job well done!”

Ash, Cincinnati

“Every time I call one of the big pest control companies in town, I seem to end up paying hundreds of dollars. I called Rich’s Pest Control to take care of a hornets nest that was in the ground somewhere below a giant bush. Rick picked up the phone and...

Paula, Indian Hill

“I highly recommend Rich’s Pest Control! Not only are his prices reasonable, but if there are any issues or concerns between services (including advising my daughter for her issues in Chicago with rats), he is timely and thoughtful in responding. I highly...

Ryan, West Chester

“Rich is awesome. Very knowledgeable and honest. Actually solves your problem for good instead of quick fixes.”