Rich's Pest Control does mosquito control and elimination in Cincinnati. We kill mosquitos.

Summer is often the time for outdoor entertaining, graduation parties, Fourth of July parties, block parties and picnics. Outdoor living is a huge trend now, as homeowners are building outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and multi-level decks. Do you ever want to stroll outside with a glass of wine on a summer evening, but dread the mosquito bites and itching you’ll get if you do? We have a solution for mosquito control–a solution to eliminate mosquitos!

Mosquitoes are not only an irritant but can also carry many diseases that are harmful both to humans and pets. Females of the species are the ones who feed on human and animal blood. Besides being a nuisance, they are known to carry serious and at times fatal diseases, including yellow fever, Zika fever, malaria, and dengue. West Nile virus is also an issue in Ohio. Most mosquitoes in the US are nuisance mosquitoes. These mosquitoes do not spread germs that make people sick. However, why take a chance?

Mosquito extermination, control and elimination in Cincinnati. Rich's Pest control kills mosquito.

Besides regular spraying to control and eradicate mosquitos in our yards, homeowners can also take precautions to prevent standing water. Eggs are laid on the surface of water and hatch into larvae, often called wrigglers. Nuisance mosquitoes become an issue following heavy rains or flooding.

Recommendations for Mosquito Control in Cincinnati

Over 200 types of mosquitoes live in the continental US and its territories; but only about 12 kinds spread germs that make humans ill. In general, nuisance mosquitoes do not spread germs. However, we recommend treatment to prevent bites from any species.

To assist in mosquito control, we also recommend the following ways to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs in standing water:

    • Do not leave tubs, buckets, or containers out in the rain, or if you do, turn them upside down.

    • Scrub, cover or throw away any items that hold water like tires, empty planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, or trash cans.

    • Cover water storage containers such as cisterns or rain barrels so mosquitoes cannot get in. Cover exposed open plumbing pipes.

    • Repair any cracks in septic tanks.

Treatments for Mosquitos in Cincinnati

Consult us before using any larvicide or trying to combat mosquitos on your own. We offer a unique mosquito control program that can protect your yard from mosquitoes for up to 6 weeks per application. Pricing is affordable but does vary depending on the size of area.

We can also apply a treatment before your outdoor gathering to ensure the comfort of your family and guests. Have us reapply throughout the mosquito season to maintain your mosquito-free yard.

Contact us to eliminate your mosquito problem. Call us today at 513-293-0052 and take back your summer evenings in your yard or on your deck!

DengueChikungunyaYellow Fever and Zika virus are rapidly spreading in tropical regions throughout the world. Their vector, the Aedes mosquito, is difficult to control as it divides its eggs over various small and hard to find breeding sites and has become resistant to chemical insecticides. The In2Care Mosquito Station effectively attracts and kills Aedes mosquitoes, as well as Culex mosquitoes with novel, green ingredients that target both larvae and adults. Station activity is not limited to the Station itself, but extends to the surrounding area.

Proven Efficacy


    • Station efficacy has been scientifically validated in the lab and published in a peer reviewed academic journal.

    • Field validations were carried out by the IVCD of the Trinidad Ministry of Health.

    • A large-scale trial was conducted by the MRCU on the Cayman Islands.

    • Field efficacy validations for EPA-registration were conducted by the Manatee County Mosquito Abatement District in Florida and have been published in a scientific journal.