There are so many reasons why DIY pest control is a bad idea! We get frequent calls from homeowners who have tried to eradicate a pest and have become frustrated when they have realized that it was a waste of their time and money, and that they needed a licensed pest control professional.   

DIY Pest Control – Danger to you and others

Many pesticides available to the general public can be both ineffective and dangerous if not used exactly according to instructions on label. Most surface applications are ineffective against insects, as the treatments require you to apply a pest control product directly to floors or counters.

Most of these products require the pest to walk through it for it to kill them, and this could take a long time, especially if the pest doesn’t walk through the treated area before the chemicals stop working. One very commonly used consumer brand is a repellant, so when some insects determine that it’s there they stay away from that area. They wait for the product to wear off and then they return. Most professionals use non-repellants, which are far more effective.

Your Pest Control Professionals

At Rich’s Pest Control, we are licensed experts who have access to the most effective products, ones that have been proven to be safe when used according to label instructions. These professional level treatments are carefully regulated for safety by the Department of Agriculture.

DIY pest control is a bad idea. Hire a pest control professional.

Whether you need our expertise once or for ongoing preventive treatments, we offer affordable solutions for your needs. We offer easy, exterior, noninvasive treatments four times per year, and the homeowner or resident does not even need to be home at the time.

Often, DIY pest control products are misused by the consumer, which causes the products to be unsafe to you, your family and your pets. Some treatments used by the consumer only mask the problem, as they might kill some roaches, ants, or spiders, but not the unseen pests. Our professionals can both locate and eliminate them and identify their location of entry into your home. Not using these products exactly as directed or without proper knowledge can cause respiratory issues if breathed in or chemical burns if the product has contact with your skin.

Spraying chemicals at a wasp or hornet nest or other pests in your yard exposes nearby harmless creatures to deadly chemicals. A Rich’s Pest Control expert is precise with methods so that only the targeted creatures and area are exposed to a treatment. While future infestations may still occur, if you have our four-times per year maintenance service, we will return at no additional charge to take care of the issue.  

Frequently product advertisements boast that their single product can take care of multiple types of pests, but this is the main reason why such products are rarely effective. Different types of pests require different types of treatments, and not all of them are available at the consumer level. If your DIY product appears to get rid of pests for the time being, these unwanted houseguests are likely to return, causing added expense for you when you have to purchase more of the product.

DIY pest control products can be okay for some minor surface visible pests but you could end up frequently having to reapply the chemical in the same areas because your infestation runs deep within the walls of your home. In addition to rigorous initial licensing training and testing, our professionals undergo annual training to keep them abreast of all new product and chemical information, as well as any pest trends.

For further information, get in touch with us through our website, call us at 513.293.0052 or contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture at 800.282.1955.