Indian Hill Pest Control

Rich’s Pest Control has been providing personalized, custom pest control to homeowners in The Village of Indian Hill since 2008. The residents of this community recommend us to their friends, families, and neighbors, which has caused the tremendous growth in the number of our clients in this area of grand homes and large properties. To us, this is a vote of confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the treatment we provide. Clients also appreciate the reassurance that comes from working with an independent, local company who responds promptly and courteously to all inquiries. Customers even send us photos of insects or other pests they find in their yards, gardens, or trees, to ask us to identify them, and we are often able to do so. 

Pests Control Issues Common to Indian Hill

Termite issues - a common pest control problem and one that we often solve in Indian Hill
Indian Hill Pest Control

Indian Hill is a quiet, residential community in Hamilton County with a population of around 5,900 people. The often stately and historic homes here can frequently be surrounded by older trees in a heavily wooded setting. While full of scenic beauty, these areas being so wooded with older trees is conducive to infestation with nuisance pests and wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites. Termites are more likely to infest older homes, as the pests prefer undisturbed soil. Construction or exterior renovations normally loosen and displace soil, and therefore deter termites.  

Other Common Pests

The other most common pests to see in Indian Hill are ants, spiders, and mice. These tend to venture into vacant houses, such as homes only used seasonally or for sale for extended periods of time. Spring and fall are the most likely seasons for animals to enter homes, as in fall they are seeking refuge from upcoming cold weather. We receive calls from new homeowners there with these issues.  

Monitor to Avoid Problems Later

As many homes in this area have large decks, patios, or other outdoor living areas made of wood, slate, bricks, or concrete, we highly recommend our termite monitoring services. Monitoring now can prevent the need for liquid barrier treatment later, which is a more invasive form of pest control.