Hyde Park Pest Control

Even homes in the most fashionable areas, like Hyde Park, require pest control.

Hyde Park is an area known for its scenic square on Erie Avenue, surrounded by upscale boutiques, cafes, and trendy restaurants. Named for its observatory, the Observatory Historic District contains 1800s homes in eclectic architectural styles.

Pest control in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pest Control in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

Named after the town of Hyde Park in New York state, Hyde Park is on the east side, about six miles away from downtown Cincinnati.

The neighborhood features a vast array of architecture, including Tudor, craftsman, colonial, transitional, Cape Cod, bungalows, French provincial, Queen Anne, Victorian, American foursquare, even contemporary new construction, high rise condos, and modern farmhouse. The homes are largely well cared-for, renovated, and modernized. Many have additions, outdoor kitchens, guest houses, and patios. This older, established community has many beautiful and mature trees, some centuries old. These trees are stately and elegant, adding so much character and beauty to the area. However, they can also provide an easy walkway for squirrels to access your roof, causing damage and annoying noise. This proximity to your house can lead to the spread of termites and carpenter ants, which can also infest a live tree.

Hyde Park Pest Control for both Old and New Construction

While most of the houses are very old or very new, we suggest all Hyde Park homes receive preventive pest control. Older homes are more likely to have pests than newer, but both are susceptible.

Built using different construction materials and techniques than contemporary construction, older homes are often in close proximity to other old homes. This setting can affect both how and what pests can infiltrate those houses.

Obviously, pests need access to your home in order for an infestation to begin. Holes or other openings will allow insects or rodents to enter the structure. As well, mice can squeeze through an extremely tiny space. A fully-grown mouse can fit through a dime-sized hole. These spots include gaps around utilities and pipes or cracks in or around the foundation. Mice can chew right through foam insulation to enter your home to stay warm, as can other rodents.

What Attracts Pests in Hyde Park?

Doors and windows on an older home are often drafty. Such openings indicate spaces for insects to enter as well.

Clean gutters allow water to flow away from your home. This will decrease the chance of pests while preventing potential water damage. Moisture around the foundation of a home can draw termites.

Rodents are also attracted to bird feeders and see them as a food source.

Construction and renovations can also affect how pests get inside. Basements finished to make additional living space can have issues with house centipedes, crickets, spiders, and ants, as well as numerous other insects.

Termites avoid disturbed soil and are unlikely to infest any new additions for a few years. The original house, however, can still be at risk of infestation. When we receive calls from customers about termite monitoring, we visit the home to make an assessment. We usually recommend monitoring around the entire building. For an older home, disturbing the soil during the building of an addition can cause termites to move toward the existing structure.

Other Types of Pests

Aging or damaged roofing can leave gaps for squirrels, bats, and even snakes. During warmer months when the season brings cookouts, picnics, and graduation parties, mosquitoes can be a huge nuisance. We can spray the area in advance to make the celebration much more enjoyable for you and your guests. We can perform this service once or twice per summer, with no contract required, as needed for your outdoor entertaining needs and comfort.

When students come home from college for the summer or for holiday breaks, they are often accompanied by unwelcome guests—bedbugs. We are happy to provide inspections and treatment. Please keep in mind that the sooner we are notified of your suspicion of the presence of bedbugs, the easier we can provide quick and effective eradication. Eliminating bed bugs is far easier if we can address them before they have spread throughout your home. Bedbugs can often accompany travelers home from even the finest hotels. Cincinnati has been one of the cities with the highest rates of infestation in the US. For the best pest control in Hyde Park, call us to eradicate them, and to bring back your peace of mind.

Hyde Park is the home to some other interesting creatures, known locally as Lazarus lizards. These lizards are also called European wall lizards. Although stories vary about why, the only thing that people here agree on about their presence is that the prominent Lazarus family imported the lizards to Cincinnati from Italy. These lizards are harmless and even help our environment by feeding on bugs and other pests.